From the Animal Magic, Inc website:

Through our ever-popular, live performances, we have shared our knowledge, respect and appreciation for the animals that share our planet.  Educating the public and promoting conservation are just a couple of the many ways we show our commitment to the animal kingdom.  When local animal control officers are confronted with a dangerous exotic, we’re sent in to rescue the often illegally obtained “pet.”  Our fully licensed “Haven” program also accepts most exotic animals (including venomous snakes) from private citizens.  We are dedicated to helping those who have discovered that owning this type of “pet” is unfair to the animal, potentially dangerous and far more difficult than they imagined.

Why then, did they sell this poor bat into the “unfair” and cruel exotic pet trade?  It is common knowledge that bats rarely survive more than a year when kept as a pet.

Mark Rosenthal, Animal Magic, sells a bat into the cruel exotic pet trade

From the ad:

This is an animal rarely offered for sale…..a 2 1/2 year old, captive bred, female, giant straw colored fruit bat. We acquired two of these magnificent bats last year (they are sisters) and really only needed one. This one (Stella) is extremely friendly.

It appears that Mark Rosenthal of Animal Magic does not practice what he preaches. And what Mark Rosenthal likely did not disclose to the buyer is that bats bond for life, families stay together for life in the wild (imagine having your 6 year old ripped from your arms and sold to a stranger, never to be seen again). That is the equivalent of what happens when bat pups are pulled off of their mothers and sold for an average of $800 to $2,500 each.  Plus, the buyer was likely not told that the “pet bat” they just bought WILL IN ALL LIKELIHOOD BE DEAD WITHIN A YEAR.

Lastly, the Animal Magic site hides behind this false statement:
“We are often asked about our position on the private ownership  of exotic animals.  Although they are beautiful and fascinating,  many exotics do not make good pets.  But that does not mean we discourage ownership of all exotics! Some can be  outstanding assets for teaching children about responsibility,  zoology and conservation (Examples are bearded dragons,  skinks, tarantulas, corn snakes, etc.).  Additionally, some are  wonderful pets that can live happy, long lives.  How do you  distinguish a mistake from a good choice?  Before you buy an  exotic, ask yourself … Is it fair to the animal?… “

What happened to Stella was far from FAIR, it was despicable